Lindsy Kiely

Hello! I am a professional photographer based in Glasgow, Scotland. I'm originally from New Jersey and have travelled across the Atlantic (more times than I care to admit), with my Scottish husband of ten years. We're finally settled in Glasgow and have a one year old boy and a puppy (who really isn't a puppy, at eight years). When I'm not taking family photos I enjoy baking, hiking and landscape photography.

I've always loved capturing family memories. I enjoy being part of the group, which allows me to create authentic images of kiddos being kiddos! Now that I have a boy of my own, I truly understand the time and effort it can take to make it out of the house at a reasonable time. With this in mind, I have a uniquely flexible approach to your photography session.

At our initial phone conversation we will not only schedule your shoot, we will also arrange for a relaxed meeting a week prior to your session, which will provide your children a chance to meet me so that I'm no longer a complete stranger. I only have availability for one shoot per week, which enables us to work around your child's schedule should a major baby crisis like a new tooth or growth spurt cause for an unhappy baby and a very sleepy Mum or Dad. I want your session to be as fun and relaxed as possible for everyone! 

Within ten days of your session you will have your own private gallery to review images, make purchases and share with family. 

Contact me on 07596 557315 and lets start planning your shoot!